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03 Nov 2012

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02 Nov 2011



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by Ziary, 14 Jul 2012

think the remaining Captains and Vice Captains are still @ Karukura town. About Ichigo, Kageroza took him out of the eiautqon 'cause his existence is an obstacle which defies logic' where Kageroza is concerned.The guy is NOT human.He's NOT pure Shinigami or Hollow but a strange mixture of both.He's something unique as well as strange. An oddity of nature' , so to speak, where Bleach, or should i say, Kageroza is concerned.However, i still believe he has some use for him. Here's why. In the Precipice world, Kageroza had the opportunity to bring the Cleaner to kill Ichigo. He didn't. He could've easily killed Ichigo just as he landed by standing directly where Ichigo would've exited the Dangai and then, at the PRECISE MOMENT, stabbed/run his spear right through Ichigo. He DIDN'T !He could've done the exact same thing when Ichigo LUNGED at him. He STILL DIDN'T! Instead, he just sent Ichigo to a place' that's lost in time and space or beyond time and space.This is just my opinion anyway but i hope it helps.PEACE OUT, TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE TILL THE NEXT EP. AND BEYOND !BEST REGARDS!

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