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durch marcus, 08 Jan 2015


durch Javhlansuren, 20 Apr 2012

FINALLY! The Vizards have joined the party. It's time to sltete old scores! Now the REAL FUN BEGINS. COOOOOOOL AND FRIGGING AWESOME. In fact, if the next ep of the main arc were a dinosaur, i'm sure it would be an AWESOMEASAURUS!@ whateverI fear the start of a Fil-arc maybe the next ep.. (remember anytime the main arc reaches a high point, we get a Fil-arc?) If it isn't, then we are all in for a real treat and a very great thrill!@ ROYALFLUSHI'm with you about the issue of the Bankai of Captain Playboy/womaniser and the toony issue.Anyway, about the kid who showed up, wasn't he the first (of the elite hollow) to fire a Cero (at Kisuke Urahara aka The Shop keeper) in the series? Where has he been all this while?Is he Espada or something else Aizen-sama created?And that dog-like creature? What is/was that?How were they summoned to the party?Did Aizen-sama summon them by TELEPATHY?I'm glad we got a flash-back of the 100 YEARS AGO ARC BUT it still doesn't answer the question about the ORIGIN of Ichigo's dad.How come ONLY the SHOP KEEPER AND the only other Quincy (Ishida's dad) are the ONLY ones who remember he was once a Shinigami (captain) ?Well, i hope all these questions will be answered in the next ep. next week PROVIDED IT'S NOT THE START OF A FIL-ARC!Till then, STAY SAFE EVERYONE!


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