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07 Юни 2012

Магазин е отворен.

02 Ное 2011


Гривна с финна плетка и сърце - H029

Гривна с финна плетка и сърце - H029

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  • Код: H029
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Цена: $35.50
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от Angelina, 29 Фев 2012

Apologies in adanvce for all the scare quotes. This pisses me off.I disagree with the poor people are fat because of abc approach. Assuming there is a correlation between fatness and lack of monetary resources on a population level, It'd be more accurate to say something like Fat people are poor because people in power make unfounded, stereotype-driven and often unconscious assumptions about whether they can be trusted/deserve to have high paying jobs. If your boss doesn't consider you for a promotion because they consider you to act lazy and slovenly regardless of your actual performance, or if no high-class establishment will hire you because your appearance is inherently unprofessional , or if you don't qualify to sign up for a completely voluntary experience of discrimination against your person based on health qualifiers so that you can have lower insurance premiums, YOU MIGHT END UP POOR SOMEHOW.GRRR.


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