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Обици - E045


Обици - Маргаритка

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  • Код: E045
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от Prafulla, 20 Апр 2012

Yep ! This ep. was really wouferdnl and revealing !Just as i suspected, the real Kaggy got injured somehow (actually, i used the word paralysed' back then). However, I didn't think he injured himself by actually transferring everything in his brain to his Reigai. I thought he only copied and pasted'.I love the way this ep. ended! Too bad Ichigo didn't get all his powers and what he even got, is not even stable. If Hollow Ichigo takes over, I fear all HELL IS GONNA BREAK LOOSE since by himself, Hollow Ichigo's really UNSTABLE !Now the REAL/ORIGINAL captains have shown up, I can't wait to hear/see how they survived that great blast and where they've been hiding all this while and, HURRAY, Captain Wolfie is back too ! Wonder what happened to him? Can't wait for the party ( sorry, I meant showdown) that'll occur next weekReigai Kaggy didn't get his true power in this ep. but, it seems in the next ep., he will, as a result of the fusion process. Can't wait to see how that turns out. In fact, there's so much to look forward to in the next ep. I can't wait till next week's ep. . There's so much to look forward to !Till then, STAY SAFE EVERYONE !


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Обици - E045

Обици - E045

Цена: $21.50

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