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Гривна с финна плетка и сърце - H029


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  • Код: H029
  • Тегло: 0.035 кг
  • Оценка: Оценка: 08
Цена: $35.50
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Материал : 925 Сребро Тегло - 35 грама.

от Гост, 03 Ное 2012

Много е красиво

от Angelina, 29 Фев 2012

Apologies in adanvce for all the scare quotes. This pisses me off.I disagree with the poor people are fat because of abc approach. Assuming there is a correlation between fatness and lack of monetary resources on a population level, It'd be more accurate to say something like Fat people are poor because people in power make unfounded, stereotype-driven and often unconscious assumptions about whether they can be trusted/deserve to have high paying jobs. If your boss doesn't consider you for a promotion because they consider you to act lazy and slovenly regardless of your actual performance, or if no high-class establishment will hire you because your appearance is inherently unprofessional , or if you don't qualify to sign up for a completely voluntary experience of discrimination against your person based on health qualifiers so that you can have lower insurance premiums, YOU MIGHT END UP POOR SOMEHOW.GRRR.


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