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Обици - E023


Обици - Кръгло Сърце

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  • Код: E023
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  • Оценка: Оценка: 02
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Материал : 925 Сребърно покритие Тегло - 10 грама.

от Mohammed, 21 Апр 2012

What a nice, funny and interesting ep.Tite Kubo rlelay knows how to nicely mix those characteristics into a GREAT story!Kon was very funny throughout this ep. and Urahara-san was very smart. In fact, they were the stars of this ep. I'm very glad Kon fully got back into character here. He was very COMICALLY ANNOYING here. Really loved that!Urahara-san rlelay made short work of the Reigai who attacked him. What he did there was very clever. Man, was he fast ! How does he do that?Say, that dungeon that they entered? Wasn't that the same place that was shown during the 100 years ago arc where he went to speak with Kurosutchi?I'm very glad that the fight between the Originals and the Reigai at the beginning didn't end this ep. It simply means there's more to look forward to in the next ep.Still looking forward to seeing Kaggy's true power.And, the end with Hollow Ichigo? Awesome ! Scary but awesome. All hell's GONNA BREAK LOOSE NOW !Can't wait to see what happens next week. Till then, STAY SAFE EVERYONE !


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Обици - E023

Обици - E023

Цена: $21.00

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